a pair of lovers in embrace
Sexy man with black hair in a black feather cape with hands around his neck and blood on his face- vampire man

Lustitude: Prompt 21

By E.L. Byrne | October 25, 2021

Lustitude: Prompt 21- This image is for all of you sexy halloween lovers, and sexy vampire lovers. I am actually considering going to my first ever Halloween party as an adult- so thought this image was fitting! (Especially since in my mind, my costume will have black wings!) I am sure this image will inspire […]

Beautiful girl in a black dress with sideslip sitting on the floor in stockings with money and a gun spread out on the floor around her

Lustitude: Prompt 20

By E.L. Byrne | October 8, 2021

Lustitude: Prompt 20 – Oh so bittersweet… I am starting my last full weekend here in Berlin and will be heading back to my place in NY in a week and a day. I have not had as many sexy adventures as I had expected to have, in some ways, in other ways more. Regardless, […]

young beautiful woman having a picnic, wearing a skirt and a sexy deep neckline blouse, preparing her meal

Lustitude: Prompt 19

By E.L. Byrne | September 24, 2021

Lustitude: Prompt 19- As fall in the northern parts of the world starts to take over and everyone starts getting cozy in jumpers, boots, and pumpkin spice coffee… I am sitting in a cafe in Berlin enjoying watching it all happen around me (well a lot less pumpkin spice here!) Here’s hoping the cooler weather […]

Lustitude: Prompt 18

By E.L. Byrne | September 10, 2021

Lustitude: Prompt 18- Oh my! My time in Berlin is flying and I have been writing up a storm. I knew I would be inspired by my favorite city! Being in a different time zone than my office also helps. What helps you write? What are you inspired by? Maybe this month you will be […]

Multiple people naked in a caress- hard to tell who is who- close up of chest and arms wrapped around each other.

Lustitude: Prompt 17

By E.L. Byrne | August 28, 2021

Lustitude: Prompt 17- Sorry gang- Technical issues getting the site back up and running in a better more efficient way (Mostly background but some things in the foreground are still not quite right! Bear with us!) Summer is ending- how did that happen?! I am in Berlin and seeing my sexy partner Stefan is giving […]

Lustitude: Prompt 16

By E.L. Byrne | August 13, 2021

Lustitude: Prompt 16- I am in Berlin! It is summer and today is a hot one! Hanging with friends, seeing my partner, and making plans to do kinky things, all the things I love about Berlin and more! I definitely see some spanking in my future! Even brought my hairbrush paddle from The Kinkery just […]

portrait of young lesbian couple kissing proudly in the park.

Lustitude: Prompt 15

By E.L. Byrne | July 30, 2021

Lustitude: Prompt 15- Summer Summer Summertime! In my part of the world, there has been so much rain we haven’t been able to really enjoy all the fun things of summer! There has certainly not been any kissing in the park! But I am going to Berlin soon and that means seeing friends and partners […]

Elder man taking the senior adult woman's face in his hands in a very sexy way

Lustitude: Prompt 14

By E.L. Byrne | July 16, 2021

Lustitude: Prompt 14- Well we are in the middle of the North American Summer- and it’s been a cool wet one here where I am. Writing hasn’t been a high priority for many of us- but I hope we all give ourselves some grace and love as we figure out life on the other side […]

Dark haired curvy woman in sexy black lingerie with black wings

Lustitude: Prompt 13

By E.L. Byrne | July 6, 2021

Lustitude: Prompt 13- Thanks for bearing with me while I took some time away from my computer and hung out with family. It was a much needed and very lovely break! I hope you are well and writing up a storm (I still haven’t gotten the writing bit back on track- but I am certainly […]

A person in a french maids dress on her knees in a fancy bedroom waiting

Lustitude: Prompt 12

By E.L. Byrne | June 18, 2021

  Lustitude: Prompt 12- I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for almost 6 months! It’s been so wonderful to read the stories and see the images you all link up every week (some weeks more than others!) I am excited about what the next half of the year brings! For many of us, as […]

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