Welcome to Lustitude & How to Participate

Welcome to Lustitude! We’re so glad you are here! 

Lustitude was born out of the desire to have a place to read some great smutty, sex-positive, open relating goodness. Yes, I believe it can be all those things! When I first started blogging, participating in memes was the way I got to know other bloggers and was able to read and learn so much. It also gave my work exposure to others. I truly felt like I became part of something bigger than me through that participation.

That’s my big dream for Lustitude! Coming together, reading each other’s work, sharing our stories, being part of something bigger than ourselves, and helping each other grow!

What We Do

  • Every two weeks we will post a sexy picture here on the meme blog for your creative inspiration.
  • Use the image to inspire something for your blog, or link up even if you haven’t used the image. It’s there if you want something to jump-start your thoughts if you need it, but it’s not a requirement.
  • You can read more about what a meme is and how to participate as well as “Why Lustitude,” here! CLICK HERE.)

Community Rules

  • This is a sex-positive, body-positive, inclusive space that is safe for everyone.
  • Please use appropriate content warnings/trigger warnings in your posts –if applicable.
  • Racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, whorephobic, misogynistic, and fatphobic, or any other kind of discrimination, objectification, or nonconsensual fetishization content is not welcome.
  • All activities portrayed must be consensual and legal.
  • Any post submitted that includes any of these things will be removed immediately.
  • I reserve the right to monitor, remove, and/or ban posts or people who violate these rules.
  • You must 18 years of age or older to take part.

If you would like to learn more about pronouns, trans-inclusive language, and lots of other important things about being inclusive and a good trans ally, genderfluid sex blogger Quinn Rhodes has a site where he creates advice and rants on how to be trans-inclusive, so that might be a good starting point! Check out Be Nice To Trans

How to Participate

  • The meme officially opens on Friday, Jan. 15, and closes two weeks later on Thursday, Jan. 28. (Always a Friday for two weeks until Thursday. See schedule on the side.)
    • Round-up posts will be published the week following, allowing our guest reader- or me- the chance to read all the posts linked up.
  • Share your NEW stories, fiction, erotica, personal essays, poems, or pictures. Whatever you’re currently posting on your blog is welcome.
  • Your posts DO NOT have to work with the inspiration image of the week. It is there for potential inspiration, but if something else is inspiring you that week, we still want you to link up and join the community!
  • You can always combine your memes for more exposure. (See the scroll of great Memes you can join in with on the front page.)
  • Use the badge below in your blog post and link back to the bi-weekly inspiration post in which you are participating.
  • Please try to read, comment, and share the work of other bloggers who participate. We’re all about community here and everyone loves engagement with their work!
  • Use the hashtag #Lustitude for your social media posts.



***All inspiration images per Adobe license unless otherwise indicated.

Thank you to Nikki from www.loveisafetish.com for the amazing banner and badge for this meme!

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