Week One: Lustitude Round-up

Dancing silhouette figures in pink lingerie and hot pink hair with the words Round-Up over top

Dancing silhouette figures in pink lingerie and hot pink hair with the words Round-Up over top

This was such a super exciting week- the first Lustitude: The Meme prompt. I know these things take time, and it won’t grow to a giant force for a long time, but I was super nervous no-one would join in. excitedly there were three other entries besides my own! YAY! So let me quick give you the run down!


Floss Does Life

[Sex] A Squirty First

“It’s interesting to me that regardless of how confident we might be, or how sex-positive we are, many of us and I know I’m not alone in this still have those body-related moments where our instinct is to hide behind our hands to cover our blushes, even when our partner is already counting down to the next time they get to do the exact same thing with us. ”

I always love the perspective Floss brings to her writing. There is always an honesty you don’t always feel when other people post, and this week her link-up is no exception. It’s sexy because I mean hello- squirting, and it’s open and honest in the mixed feelings some of our sexy adventures can cause in us.

Thanks so much for linking up this week, Floss!


Master’s Pleasing Bitch

How I have evolved over the years

“The key way all this has changed me is to be able to allow another to take control of me in large elements of my life. In doing that I have found out that I am sexy, desirable and that I love and desire sex. I am submissive and need to be able to demonstrate that to my master. I never expected to find someone to love, I thought I was embarking on this journey for enjoyment alone. Now I know that you can have both.”

I love how MPB lays it all on the line and shows us some of the highlights of her growth her the last year, five years and ten years. This is quite a journey and I appreciate that she is fully aware that we are always growing and changing.

Thanks for sharing that journey with us!!


Chrisy Kay


Most of the quotes I would have used- show up in the preview of her post above! I know 2021 is a year many people are hoping to make different, not only different from 2020, but now that we’ve been through two such crap years, people are just seeing life differently and moving forward!

Thanks for sharing part of your adventure with us Chrisy!


E.L. Byrne

January Jumpstart: It’s All About the Books!

“I was the kid that got sent to bed and then put a flashlight under the covers to read, or snuck into the bathroom and sat in the tub to read. Every trip or family vacation required carefully selecting just the right books to take with me. I was so grateful when I discovered ebooks because I no longer had to manage space for 3-4 paperbacks on work trips. More room for shoes!”

Books are such an important part of so many of our lives, I missed the link up to #quotequest but I wrote this post inspired by the topic. I love to read and usually spend any eating time, with the current book I am reading open. I close my phone down, my laptop is off and I focus on that time as my quiet reading time. It’s a good habit to have gotten into over the years.


Well, there we go. The first posts to Lustitude! And I think a very good start! I am looking forward to more and more entries and doing “best of style” round-ups,


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