Prompt Two: Round-Up

Dancing silhouette figures in pink lingerie and hot pink hair with the words Round-Up over top

Oh my dears- Lustitude: Prompt Two was amazing! There were eight links up for the second ever prompt! And a couple were related to the sexy photo prompt too- How fun and how very delicious! Thank you all for joining up and sharing what you are working on with us!


Now- without further ado- let me give you my top three. (By the way if anyone is interested in doing the round-ups, let me know, I’d love to have guest folks reading and telling us their top three!)


Brigit Writes: A long Time Coming-  I love how Brigit has been so honest over time in discussing the ebb and flow of her relationship with her husband, their D/s, etc. Life is more often that flow than not and this is a nice quick tale of taking back some of that ebb and enjoying a moment of normalcy amidst this whole pandemic and life!


Risqué Views: The Paddle– Zara says she hasn’t written much erotic fiction but she hits it out of the park with this one! A lovely romp with a fem-domme theme and a very good boy!


Dom Signs: The Heat Between Her Legs– Michael takes us on a very quick but very hot story about the anticipation of a good spanking.


Thank you everyone for participating! I am looking forward to reading everyone’s links for Prompt Three soon!

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