Prompt Four: Round-Up

Dancing silhouette figures in pink lingerie and hot pink hair with the words Round-Up over top

Prompt Four: Round-up– So with some updates and moving servers and other things I was excited but very nervous to do this month, the Prompt Four: Round-Up was a little delayed, but here we are folks! While we are still new at this whole meme, Instead of picking the best I am just going to link back to the amazing posts that were linked here for this prompt and give you a little about each one. Once we’re a little bigger, we can start doing “the best of…” Sound good?


Dealing with Disappointment- Floss Does Life – I love that she used a comment I made on Twitter to work through a whole thought process about how she processes disappointment in relationships and how that has impacted her previous relationships. I love when Floss gets deep and shows us how her mind and emotions work!

[Life] Dealing with Disappointment


Starlit Lover- Victoria Bliss – Another sexy flow poem from my favorite erotic poet! This one was clearly inspired by the image prompt for this week and that makes it extra special for me!!

Starlit Lover #Lustitude


I’m Fucking Trying- Nikki – Love is a Fetish Sometimes all we can do is just stay afloat and try to keep our heads above water. Nikki gives us some real emotion and true life processing by talking to us about how she is trying, what she is doing to make it through the days she struggles… I can relate!

I’m fucking trying.


Warriors of the Lustlands- G.D. Effing – This was the only erotic fiction this week based on the image prompt and I was soooo here for it! I love how quickly this works is built and the story immediately draws you in, and gets very sexy!!


The Stranger-(Part 2)- Brigit Delaney- I love the idea of a choose-your-own adventure story- based on audience input and that’s exactly what Brigit has going on here! Check it out and see what happens next!

The Stranger (part 2)


Thank you everyone for your participation! It’s a joy to read and comment and promote everyone’s work in the Prompt Four: Round-up post! Looking forward to next week’s links too!


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