Prompt Three: Round-Up

Dancing silhouette figures in pink lingerie and hot pink hair with the words Round-Up over top

You guys! Every time a prompt closes and I check to see how many links we ended up with and to take some time to check them all out… I am in AWE! Such great work happening out there in the community and I am so excited and grateful that you choose to share your posts here on Lustitude!

So let’s see who posted their work for Prompt Three- Lustitude: The Meme!


Julie at Master’s Pleasing Bitch- Can Love Be Blind? @MPBjulie 

Can love be blind?

E.L. Byrne at E.L. Byrne Writer – Love is worth the Risk @elbyrne1

Love is Worth the Risk



Mòrag at Mòrag’s Musings- Same Sex Sex- @MoggysMusings

Same-sex sex

“I have never made any secret of the fact that I am attracted to members of both sexes.  Having gone to an all girls private school, it was inevitable, I suppose that I would experience female nudity before experiencing the male equivalent and, it is fair to say, that I found the naked forms of some of my classmates to be very attractive indeed.”


Molly at Molly’s Daily Kiss- Honeyed @MollysDailyKiss



Missy at Focused and Filthy- In Her Arms- @FocusedFilthy

In her arms


Victoria at Victoria Blisse- A Landscape in Pink- @victoriablisse

A Landscape in Pink #Lustitude


E.L. Byrne at Longitude and Lustitude- The Blue Scarf @elbyrne1

The Blue Scarf



Thanks everyone for sharing your work!!

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