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  1. An image (or suggested theme or quote or concept- depending on who is running the meme) is posted at specific intervals. Read the rules and be sure you know when to link up and what kind of content is accepted.
  2. Check out the meme for that week and see if it inspires you to create or write something, sexy, creative, new.
  3. Write the words, take the picture, play with a haiku, whatever that looks like for you, and post it on your blog. (I am happy to host if you don’t have a blog- and YES- Medium counts as a blog!)
  4. Be sure to add the badge for the meme and a link back to that week’s post so anyone reading your post knows they can find more really great posts at that link!
  5. Come back to the meme for that week and “link it up” (You will see the icon to link it up on the post… it walks you through how to do it.)
  6. For this meme, you don’t even have to be inspired by the image to come back and link up– just write what you’re going to write for the week/day- but come back to the meme and share it with us!!
  7. Stay around and click through the links of the others who have linked up. It’s a great way to get to know other bloggers in the community and potentially get some good lusty reading in too!
  8. Comment on the posts you read if they inspire you or you enjoy the story! Comments have gone down all over the community- it would be nice to get some comment love on folks’ accounts!
  9. Check out the icons that will be on the site and take part in some of the other awesome inspirational memes that are out there, and cross-post to them too!


  1. It’s all about community- all about sharing and getting to know one another’s work!
  2. Share this meme and site with others!
  3. Share other’s posts when they inspire you or turn you on!
  4. Cross-post to other outstanding memes!
  5. Don’t worry if your work in that timeframe doesn’t seem to fit the theme… link up anyway!
  6. Tweet out if you post to the meme that week!
  7. #Lustitude (Twitter)
  8. @lustitude (Twitter)

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Thank you to Nikki from www.loveisafetish.com for the amazing banner and badge for this meme!

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