E.L. Byrne

E.L. Byrne (she/her)- I am life-long writer. From the time I was 12 and wrote a whole diary entry trying to figure out if  I was in love or not, I’ve been fascinated with love and relationships (and yes sex!)


After getting divorced and traveling the world for a few years, settling in Berlin completely changed my life. I discovered polyamory, kink, swinging, and dove in deep all while cultivating real deep friendships.


While traveling the world I started writing my erotica and dating blog, LUSTITUDE. Those true stories started as an erotic memory book of taking back my sexual self while having grand adventures and meeting amazing people all over the world. When I opened my life to new adventures in Berlin, things really took off and I started getting serious about blogging.


The funny thing is, the more I explored polyamory and open-relationship styles, the more I wrote about those things (www.elbyrnewriter.com) and found there was less time for the sexy-writing. But erotica and sexy-tell all stories are still important to me, partly because they were a key piece to growing into myself. Partly because I believe sex is important and we should talk about it, celebrate it, do it! I want to see less sex-shame, for everyone, not just the “models” our TV and movies portray.

So Lustitude: The Meme was born. A way to keep in touch with the erotica side of my writing, and join other amazing writers in reading, writing, and sharing great stories with each other. A place where all bodies, genders, and sexualities can be celebrated and written about. Where all relationship styles and all kinks are valid choices and we can read about them and learn from one another. Welcome! Please join our community in the celebration!

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